Monitoring of field studies is our passion! For each study we develop a Custom App. It features:

  • Automatic plausibility checks
  • Data Verification
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Document Management
  • Drug Accountability
  • Monitor Reports
  • Contact Records
  • Listings (Deviations, Notes, AEs, Patient Overviews and many more)
  • Sponsor Updates
  • Printing, Exporting, PDF and email functions



Custom Apps for trial management

What is Mondaba?

Mondaba is our unique Software Solution for monitoring all our studies and being customized to fulfill any specific study requirement. Mondaba features tools for daily monitoring such as visit control including email or fax reminders, plausibility checks, drug accountability, site information, sponsor updates, newsletters to study sites and many more. Mondaba is not an inflexible solution but highly customizeable to any kind of study and design!


What is the benefit of Mondaba?

With Mondaba missed or delayed visits are reduced by up to 90% using the reminder function! It allows full traceability of any product unit dispensed to, used and returned from the study sites and finally presenting a printable version of the drug accountability. Mondaba will send customized updates to you as often as you want with graphical summarized information showing key data like enrolment speed, adverse events and mean efficacy data.


What is the pricing for Mondaba?

Mondaba is absolutely free of charge if we are conducting the study for you. You can enjoy all benefits from it without having to pay extra.


Can I use Mondaba like for EDC?

Adding an audit train and a user management Mondaba serves as an excellent and quick electronic data entry solution for studies where a full EDC system would be too expensive, e.g. cost benefit or marketing studies. 



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