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Prelude Dynamics Electronic Data Capture

Prelude Dynamics is legendary. Being one of the first EDC systems used by us in veterinary studies it has made amazing progress in the past years. The Prelude Dynamics Composer allows us to quickly create Data Capture Systems that include a great functionality such as drug accountability, randomization with custom stratification, laboratory result import and many more. 



Ennov Electronic Data Capture

Ennov EDC is a comprehensive clinical data management solution that allows clinical research personnel to easily define EDC studies and collect subject data without the worry of missing or inaccurate data. We are providing setup and management of studies based on Ennov EDC software.



Nubilaria Electronic Data Capture

Nubilaria has always been focused on technological innovation with the aim to provide its customers with the best tools to improve both flexibility and efficiency. We are offering this safe and efficient system from Europe to manage your clinical trials.



Medrio Electronic Data Capture

Medrio is an easy to use EDC software for clinical studies. We offer support, setup and management of studies using Medrio.



MedSurv eCRF - EDC System

A validated eCRF system for electronic data capture. The system is modular but full service is also available.



Custom Apps for Trial Management

Electronic databased monitoring tools allow us to update you with any information you need during the study course, specifically designed for your projects. This makes monitoring more efficacious and standardized. Any important information is comprehensively collected within the study database and can be retrieved immediately. This is independent from the study being recorded on paper or EDC. 

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